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The main activity is focused on the production of web solutions, from small static sites to large portals, e-commerce solutions to corporate web applications. We have completed among the projects. Technically a web solution is a program distributed over a network (typically a corporate intranet or the Internet the same platform) and accessible through a common web browser. Examples range from the company website, the thematic portals, platforms for e-commerce, the ERP.

Ekowebtech of a web solution offers many advantages:

  • Is available everywhere (in the case is hosted on the Internet) via a web browser;

  • No need to install anything: web browsers are natively installed on all computers and smartphones;

  • Is easily upgradable: updating the Web Solution all users immediately benefit from the new features;

  • Lower demand for resources: the computing power required is given by the power of the server where the application resides;

  • Generally the Web Solution also integrates other ambient such as Mobile.


We experiment and test the new features that new technology offers, to develop modern solutions, high-performance.

We develop our web solutions with the aim of providing simplicity and reliability. You will have to think only of your business, and nothing more.

We develop applications for mobile platforms. 

Make accessible your services and your information to your users everywhere.

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